Ted Matthews has worked with rural issues in counseling for over 20 years.

He can be reached at 320-266-2390.

We have added a second mental health professional to support all farmers in Minnesota.

Monica Kramer McConkey can be reached at 218-280-7785.

Please feel free to download this pamphlet about Ted and Monica, and the Outreach Program to share with others:

pdfMental_Health_Brochure_2019_003.pdf508.3 KB

Regional Mental Health Resources:

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xlsxMarshall-Down-on-the-Farm-Resource-Directory.xlsx42.81 KB

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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is offering six suicide prevention workshops in the fall of 2019 across Minnesota. safeTALK is a 4 hour course designed to help you help others.  Read more about the course and how to register to truly be a friend indeed.  

There is also a Minnesota Farm & Rural Hotline you can call:


It is free and confidential 24 hrs/day, 7 days per week.