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Farm Business Management

Farm Business Management (FBM) education has been part of the Agriculture Education program in Minnesota since 1952, and now serves over 5,000 farm families annually in Minnesota.  In 2023, FBM celebrated 70 years.  Watch these three short videos to hear different perspectives of FBM from students, instructors and lenders.


FBM is designed to assist current farm owners and managers to achieve their farm business and family goals.  There is also an AgSpark Farm Business Management Certificate designed for our Veterans in Agriculture program.


To deliver management education for decision making that achieves an individual's business goals.


To provide educational opportunities for students to be successsful in a competitive agricultural environment.


  1. Improved quality of life in rural communities
  2. Achievement of student goals
  3. Awareness of the global importance of agriculture
  4. Integrity in student interaction
  5. Timely and student focused programming


The program is course/credit based, and a student enrolls in coursework based on a needs assessment they complete with their instructor. This education is highly individualized in order to meet the needs of the farmer. Each instructor works with their student on their farm needs such as succession planning, business expansion, tax preparation or loan applications.

Farm Business Management is offered at 7 Minnesota State Colleges throughout Minnesota and includes 68 instructors.  These colleges include:

Our faculty have a wide range of experience and years in the agriculture industry. Many of our instructors have received awards and recognition as an instructor or for the Farm Business Management program.

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To find out more about Farm Business Management at South Central College, Minnesota West, or Riverland, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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