For the first time in the State of Minnesota, GreenSeam and numerous volunteers, partners and residents including the Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence, have helped to conduct and launch the Minnesota State of Ag Report. 


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These reports summarize the individual farm records of farms in Minnesota

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These reports summarize the individual farm records of farms in Minnesota that are enrolled in Farm Management Education programs. The current financial status of farm operators and net returns from each crop enterprise is reported. In addition to the average of all farms, the averages for the high and low net income groups are also presented.

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The tables in some of these reports were created using FINPACK and RankEm Central copyrighted software of the Center for Farm Financial Management, University of Minnesota.

FY21 Statewide Meetings, Training and PEP (revised 9/1/20)

August FINPACK Training: U of MN St. Paul – 135 Ruttan Hall (held virtually)

Sept 14-15: FBM State Fall Conference; St. Cloud (CANCELLED)

Nov 23 Eric Snodgrass webinar - noon

Dec 14: Dr. Kohl webinar - noon

Jan 15-16: Winter PEP Training and 2021 MAAE Ag Tech Conference; Kelly Inn; St. Cloud (in-person allowed - we will plan to have FBM start meeting at noon on Friday)

April 7: State FBM Advisory Meeting; St. Cloud

April 13-14: Spring PEP Training, Location TBD

June 14-17 National Farm Business Management Conference; Hilton Head, South Carolina

PEP Webinars (all webinars will be from 7:30AM to 9AM)

Sept. 9

Oct. 14

Nov. 10: (half day PEP session from 8:15AM - 12PM)

Dec. 9

Jan. 13: (only if there is no Ag Tech Conference)

Feb. 10

March 10

CFFM Finpack Webinars

Dec. 1: Balance Sheet & Whole Farm Review, Enterprise Analysis Prep.

Dec. 3: Crop enterprise analysis

Dec. 8: Livestock enterprise analysis

Dec. 10: Advanced livestock and wrap-up

FBM Training Webinars (8:15AM to 9:30AM on Fridays)

Sept. 25: State Updates, Soil Health Grants, Beginning Farmer Tax Credit, State MEP List, New Faculty/Admin, LIP Grants, Kohl/Snodgrass Webinars

Oct. 9: MAELC Challenge Grant Update, Instructor Survey Results, VAULT Check, RMH

Oct. 23: Tax Planning and General Topics, PEP Update, State Resources (Toolbox, Assessment, etc.)

Nov. 6: MDA Grants, Loan Programs, FSA Updates, GPAY in FINAN

Nov 20: General FBM Statewide Topics/College Sharing

Dec 18: Closeout Manual and Analysis Issues

Feb 19: Rankem Review and Database Timelines

Database Key Dates 2021

Feb 25: Red River Valley and Northland Preliminary Database Review Day- Moorhead; Ron D. and Josh T.

March 1: All finans for the database to be submitted to your database leader

March 3: Southern Minnesota Database Review Day; Mankato- Aaron B.

March 4: Northern Minnesota Database Review Day; St. Cloud- Josh T. and Del L. Thief River Falls- Ron D.

March 8: Red River Valley Database Report Completion; Fargo, ND- Ron D., Josh T. and NDSU Staff

March 9-10: State Database Review and Develop Days; St. Paul

March 11-15: Annual Report and Special Sort Development; Database Leaders

March 17: PDF of 2020 Annual Reports Available to FBM Instructors

March 27: 2020 FBM Annual Reports available in printed form