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Student Related Events

The Center hosts multiple events throughout the year that provide educational, leadership and networking opportunities for those in attendance. Team members of the Center also attend many events, representing our agricultural programs and opportunities at trade shows, expos, festivals and careers fairs.

R-Step Academy (June 14 - August 6, 2021, Riverland Community College, Austin Campus)

R-STEP is a summer academy for students aged 16-R-STEP is a summer academy for students aged 16-22 (entering 11th grade and up) that increases Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) knowledge and skills.

STEM Comes Alive Boot Camp (July 19 - 23, 2021, Riverland Community College, Austin Campus)

STEM Comes Alive Boot Camp is a free, fun, and fast-movingSTEM Comes Alive Boot Camp is a free, fun, and fast-movingone-week boot camp that makes science, technology,engineering, and math (STEM) come alive for area studentsentering grades 9-12.

Ag Symposium (not held in 2021 due to limitations on gathering in larger crowds)

South Central College, the most respected name in Agricultural education in southern Minnesota, is embarking on a program to address the needs of the modern ag producer. Taking their cues from other top-flight national conferences, SCC hosts its annual Agricultural Symposium.

Under the Tent Event

The event features multiple institutions showcasing the many career pathways and opportunities in agriculture. Each year this event features an agriculture simulator, drone (UAV) demonstrations, giveaways and visits with Ag, Food and Natural Resources career professionals. The Minnesota State FFA Convention has over 3,000 FFA members throughout Minnesota in attendance, and takes place at the University of Minnesota-St. Paul Campus.

STEM & Career Exploration Expo (not held in 2021 due to COVID-19)

Goals of the STEM & Career Exploration Expo are to change student perceptions of STEM and high tech, high wage careers, explore related career possibilities, and share the information re: educational pathways required to realize those opportunities.

InTENse! Summer Program

InTENse is an opportunity offered by Minnesota FFA for students in grades 10 and 11 to gain hands-on experiences in agricultural careers at Minnesota colleges and universities.

Explore STEM+Ag Day Camp (July 26 - 29, 2021)

During this day camp, youth will explore ways in which agricultural engineers, food scientists, and animal caregivers use science and technology to work together to ensure food product meets FDA standards. Youth will work on a weeklong project focusing on the supply chain of niche farming. On the final day of camp, youth will share their project with STEM professionals in a Shark Tank-style showcase.

Throughout the week they will attend educational sessions lead by faculty and industry professionals with topics including: Farm to Table Supply Chain, Pizza Farming, Ag Careers Around Us, Q&A with Niche Market Farmers, Transportation in Ag, Soil Science, and the Good and Bad “Bugs” in Food, among others.

On the second day of camp, youth will get a behind-the-scenes tour of Guentzel Family Farms, Farmamerica, and Crystal Valley.  At Guentzel Family Farms, we will get to see food growing in fields and the equipment that is used to grow, harvest and transport the food to its next destination.  At Farmamerica, students will get to learn about soil health and sustainability as well as how nutrients play a role in nourishing the plants.  Additionally, the role of strip tilling and cover crops will be included as part of the tour.  At Crystal Valley, professionals will show their in-house scheduling and dispatch software, the technology used to operate a floater and/or sprayer, precision planting as well as the use of drones in agriculture.  Everything incorporated into the tours will give students an inside look at things they haven’t likely thought about or seen and will show the wide array of careers tied to ag, food and natural resources.  To register, visit https://cset.mnsu.edu/STEMCAMPS.

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