The Center works to provide resources based on innovation, collaboration, networking, global marketing and industry information. Our institutions focus on applied research for our students and businesses. We put our knowledge, industry information and business development to work in our classes, conferences and programs.

We have a list of websites that may assist you further:   Connecting Education and Industry in Minnesota     News and information from the industry.   Career Finder   Investment & Fundraising opportunities in Agriculture   National Ag in the Classrrom   Agrigrowth - Growing Minnesota Food and Agriculture   Minnesota Ag in the Classroom  National FFA   Minnesota FFA   Agriculture in the Regional Economy   K-12 Forestry Education Program  Minnesota Department of Agriculture    Minnesota Institute of Sustainable Agriculture  Farmer Veteran Coalition  National Farm to School Network  MN Schoolyard Garden Coalition  The Food Dialogues  Global Harvest Initiative  STEM Food & Agriculture Council  Feed Nourish Thrive   (Food and Agriculture developments through STEM)